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Garage Door Service

High-Quality Garage Door Repairs And Servicing In The Greater Tauranga Area

Right Job, On-Time, Affordable, Peace Of Mind Garage Door Servicing

When it comes to a garage door repairs and servicing, whether you need a new spring, cable replaced, panel replaced or just scheduled maintenance. Tauranga Garage Doors can help with garage door repair, garage door servicing or garage door installation . Also, we will schedule your appointment at your convenience and urgency, and before we leave we will ensure that your garage door is working as it should be safely and correctly.

Garage doors will break at some point, you may decide that you want to try and fix it yourself. This is often dangerous and results in further damage to other critical garage door components.

With a quick google search, you will find that Tauranga Garage Doors ranks very high for relevant keywords and our google reviews are all positive with happy clients all over Tauranga .

At Tauranga Garage Doors, we are committed to providing prompt, efficient and outstanding service, Premium New Zealand made Garage Doors and superior replacement parts. We offer extended warranties and tailored solutions to fit your budget and needs.

When you sign up with Tauranga Garage Doors, you are supporting a local family owned business that provides good old kiwi friendly service.

Garage Door Servicing

Garage Door Servicing Tauranga 


Your Garage Door has the most moving parts on your house; why would you not service it?

Do you service your car?

We offer scheduled garage door servicing throughout the wider Tauranga area for a fixed price of $150 + gst.

This service includes checking / adjusting your spring tension, lubricating all of the hinges, lubricating all of the roller tracks and checking the force settings are working correctly.

We also check to ensure that your garage door motor is safe to be used and that the auto reversing feature is working to protect your loved ones from injury.

Give us a call today on 0277755444 or drop us an email to

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